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Summer Weight Loss Made Easy

food,tomato,desktop,vegetable,meal,refreshment,healthy,pepper,salad,diet,epicure,dinner,nutrition,onion,disjunct,tasty,isolate,leaf,lettuce Need to work on your body and return to your ideal, healthy weight? I want to share a free computer program that will help you and guide you easily and quickly to your ideal weight.
Summer is a great time to focus on healthier eating because of all the wonderful foods that are in season. Foods which are nutritionally dense and low in simple carbs and fat.
Not too long ago I tore the meniscus in my knee and it prevented me from exercising in the way I was used to. As I rehab-ed my knee (no I didn't have surgery, I rehab-ed my way) I gained an extra 12-15 pounds. As soon as I had full use of the knee again I went to work to let go of the extra pounds.
My weight dropped by 10 pounds in 8 weeks using a simple, convenient, free online program called  Now,  I have used computer programs in the past, years ago I taught weight management at a weight loss clinic and had access to what was available at the time,  but this program, my fitness pal, is so much more easy to use and has a much more extensive data base of foods, and no dues to pay.  They do have a professional program you can buy if you want, but the free program is sufficient. 

The program helps you become more focused, more aware of what you are consuming so that you can easily manage your fat, protein, sodium, and carbohydrate intake. 

Myfitnesspal also provides excellent articles on how to loose weight more easily and effectively.

I still eat the foods I love, just less volume.  My favorites, like Thai Chicken, Tacos, skinny margaritas, are still on the menu for me!

Providing healthy, wholesome food for your self and exercising is an act of self-love. 

I hope you will love yourself enough to provide the highest quality of food available to you. If you run into any issues with the program send me a comment.  I'll see if I can help you. 
                                            Bon appetit!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Below is an exert from Ty Bollinger's Truth About Cancer


 The fuel you provide your body is the first step to keeping your body strong.
Choosing low fat options, limiting refined sugars, and eliminating pre-processed
foods will prevent your body from having to fight the toxins a poor food supply
delivers. A good rule of thumb is to go organic or as
close to it as you can get.
A nutrition plan high in natural foods like fruit,
vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts, fish high in
omega-3, beans, and low-refined oils such as olive
oil or coconut oil will give your cells vitamins,
minerals, and energy to keep you going each and
every day. Don’t forget to read your labels!

 More than 65% of the adult population in the United States is considered medically
overweight or obese and childhood obesity is rising every year. The steady climb in
our national weight coincides with our rate of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer
to name a few. It is causing a chain reaction to every aspect of our health.
Maintaining (or obtaining) a healthy weight is crucial to your lifespan, your
quality of life, and determines your risk of serious illness. It’s considered a
national epidemic and though it is an uncomfortable topic – the number of
illnesses linked incontrovertibly to being overweight is terrifying. Start small,
know that every good change helps, and give your heart a rest.

 Experts estimate that women should drink approximately 90 ounces each day and
men should drink 100 ounces each day for optimum hydration. Your body is
primarily made of water and without enough of it, most of our basic functions such
as our lymphatic system, digestion, central nervous system, circulation, and
respiration suffer.
Start with eight ounces (one cup) each day if you rarely or never drink water.
Add another eight ounces every week until you’re consuming 64 ounces at the
minimum. You’ll notice a difference in your skin, breathing, and mental clarity
when you add water to your day.

 The studies linking stress to chronic inflammation which leads to diseases from
Alzheimer’s to cancer are astounding. The stress response causes a physiological
reaction within your body and every part of you suffers for it.
Removing “non-crucial” stressors from your life may seem difficult but small
changes can make a big difference. Hate your commute to work? Try public
transportation. Hate how packed the grocery store is when you go? Try early in
the morning or late in the evening instead.
Stressors you’re unable to remove – such as a sick relative, the after-effects of
divorce, or a toxic co-worker – can be handled more effectively with deep
breathing exercises and meditation.
Stress can and will kill you by inches. Take steps to lessen stress in every area
of your life possible and surround yourself with positive people who encourage a
stress-free environment.

 You don’t have to join an expensive gym to get exercise. Walking around your
block, following a yoga video on your computer, or doing low-impact aerobics in the
comfort of your living room will get you moving at no cost. If you live a sedentary
lifestyle, any additional movement is going to make a difference. Get up, get
moving, and be kind to yourself!

 Smoking raises your risk for every single known disease. It shortens your life by
slowly damaging your healthy cells. It is never too late to quit and it has never been
easier to get help. There are now nationwide programs to help you quit the habit for
good that are no cost to you.
If you quit smoking right now, your heart rate will begin to return to normal within
one hour. Your oxygen levels will begin to rise within one day and your risk of
heart attack will begin to drop. Two days of not smoking will improve your sense
of taste and smell. In three days, the nicotine is flushed from your body. Your
system will begin to regenerate cells damaged by smoking and lung function
will begin to improve within two weeks.  Every aspect of quitting is good for
you. Fight through withdrawal, kick the addiction, and breathe again.

 When you consume more than a glass or two of alcohol each day, it raises
inflammation levels in your body, robs your body of folate, raises hormone levels,
and causes you to gain weight. A natural irritant, it can lead to damage in the
mouth, throat, digestive system, and liver over time.
If you are in cancer treatment and immediately after – you should not consume
alcohol of any kind as they can dangerously interact with treatment medications.

 Sleep deprivation is a chronic problem in our modern world. Adults should get
between 7-9 hours every night to allow your body time to restore your cells.
According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, 75% of adults in the United States
report getting too little sleep.  A lack of adequate sleep leads to reduction in memory and retention, weight gain, an increase in blood pressure, poor mood, and lowers immunity steadily
over time, which increases your risk of serious disease.

 Skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in the United States and the
most common cause is overexposure to UV (ultraviolet) light which is preventable.
Sunlight gives you a natural potent form of vitamin D. Take care to avoid the sun
during the hottest part of the day, and wear protective clothing if you’ll be outside all

These powerful herbs have medicinal qualities that can prevent cancer and boost
your immune system. Some of these herbs and plants are:
Fresh Garlic
Mushrooms: Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake
Dried Astragalus
Panax Ginseng (mainly known as Korean or
Asian Ginseng)
Tasty antimicrobials: Thyme, Rosemary, and
Gingko Biloba 

Sleeping Beauty: Sleep Hygiene Tips

Regular, uninterrupted sleep is an important habit which contributes to looking and feeling our best.  Sleep is the way our bodies reboot.  Everything gets reset as you unplug from your day to day activities. Below are some ideas I hope will assist you in having the best sleep possible.

Image result for photos of peaceful sleepThe ABCs  for Improving Sleep 

Avoid bed clothes that twist or are tight

A hot bath or sauna 3 hours before bed can be relaxing or stimulating,  do which is most relaxing  for you.

Avoid alcohol as it can disrupt sleep cycle

Avoid caffeine after 2 pm  (tea, coffee, chocolate, sodas)

Avoid eating 3 hours before bed.

Avoid vigorous exercise or dramatic TV or reading, as well as argumentative discussions 3 hours before bed

Avoid harsh sounding alarms for waking up,  Try soothing music or a  sunlight clock

uy the most hypoallergenic pillow and mattress you can and use sheets of a high thread count for softness

Breathe deeply through out the day to stimulate relaxation of the nervous system

Create a clean, quiet, peaceful atmosphere in your home, conducive for sleep

Drink chamomile tea

Drink most of your water during the early part of the day. First thing in the morning drink 16 - 32 oz  and avoid drinking 2 hours before bed to prevent waking to empty your bladder

Focus on your in and out breathe (mindful breathing) to induce sleep

Go to bed and wake up around the same time each day in order to set your circadian rhythms (important chemical processes take place in the body only when you are asleep and it is synchronized  with the earths rhythms)  

Get 20- 30 minutes of natural sunlight each day with out wearing contacts or any glasses.  This stimulates the pineal gland to make melatonin.

Get a massage as often as you can to promote relaxation 

Gently contract and relax each muscle group while lying in bed and deep breathe

If possible allow some fresh air to enter the room through a slightly raised window

If you have trouble with nasal stuffiness,  irrigate sinuses before bed with a neti pot or irrigation device. Make irrigation solution with  1 cup distilled water, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda

Investigate Sleep Night Patches.

Listen to calming music or try light (non-stimulating ) reading

Keep all wireless technology more than 3 feet from the head of your bed, or completely out of room if possible

Keep bedroom as dark as possible and as cool as possible. (even if you wear a sleep mask, light touches your skin and can interfere with sleep

Keep air purifying plants in your sleeping area (spider plant, peace lily

Listen to sleep inducing music, sounds of rain, ocean waves and nature serve as great white noise

Practice daily meditation which resets the fight or flight part of the brain

Repeat a mantra such as Sa Ta Na Ma or  So Hum when you awaken during the night, this keeps your brain from going ina hundred different directions and keeping you awake

Sleep alone if disturbed by another's snoring or movement

Sleep in a cool room, around 65 degrees or cooler

Take 3 mg of melatonin 45- 60 minutes (experiment with up to 6 or 10 mg)  before bed time or try Valerian Root or Chamomile

Talk to your self every night before you go to sleep that your sleep will be restful and restorative and thank your subconscious mind for working with you to give you  restful sleep
Image result for photo of lavender oil
Use Lavender oil on your pillow or massage into temples or infuse into air

Visualize relaxing, peaceful scenes of nature that you have experienced or just imagine them

Walk daily for 30 minutes or perform some other form of exercise.  Avoid vigorous exercise 3 hours before going to bed. 

Yawn 10 times dilberately as this stimulates the nervous system  to relax

Zealously and purposefully laugh every opportunity you get during the day to keep endorphin levels high

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Who You Are and Insight into Your Primary Purpose



Over the years I have spent thousands and thousands of hours in work shops, seminars, reading books, and listening to audio programs.   My primary goal was to obtain an overview of  the many philosophy's, beliefs and ideas about human growth and development, or more specifically human consciousness, that I  could possibly obtain.  From those ideas, I took what resonated with me and what I believed would  help me in deciding how to live my life.

Many good ideas have come from my research and I have used them to better my life in many ways. There are  untold numbers of wonderful techniques for expanding our abilities in self love, compassion, intuition, self healing, and creativity,

A process I would like to share with you is a technique to identify what is really important to you and help you identify your primary goals and purpose.

Let's start with an understanding of who/what we really are.

I love the Buddhist view of the self as nothing, a "No Thing."   Buddhism teaches we are made up of everything, we are the universe,  not a thing.  The universe resides in our physical body and it functions much like the solar system.   We are a fluid process, not a thing.

Our identity as a self, a personality, an ego,  develops because of the experiences we have and the belief systems which forms from these experiences.  The self , the ego, is nothing more than a tape recording of these life experiences.  These recordings are not a real solid identity, a self, it is just a compilation of concepts.   The recorded programs loop and play over and over within our conscious awareness.   We are  really an illusion, a false self which we believe is real.

Our personality is a "relational thing," not a solid fixed identity.  We act and think in a particular way in each moment because of our recorded programs and the environment and circumstances which occur in the moment.  We are never the same self, we change moment by moment, just as the water in a river changes constantly as the current flows.   Most of us identify our self as being the ego, the smaller self, the illusion, but there is another identity available.

Our true identity is pure awareness, the consciousness, the  observer of  all our thoughts and feelings.  Consciousness, mental energy,  is pure positive energy which just exists, swirls,  and waits for an intention to take that energy and mold it into something.

With this foundation of understanding,  here is the technique for exploring your goals, potentials, and purpose using pure mental energy:

Use deep breathing and relaxation exercises to enter into a state of meditation.  Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath, watching it move in and out of the body, counting your breaths in circuits of 10 breaths each  until you start to feel very relaxed.

Now use your pure positive mental energy, your imagination,  to see yourself leaving your physical body.  Imagine this is the end of this physical incarnation and you are returning to a state of pure conscious awareness, you have no body but are very much aware of every thing in the physical world.  Feel yourself rise above your body, aware of everything.
Image result for picture of spirit leaving body

Now take a moment to decide what you would want to do immediately as  pure awareness. Who would you  want to check on?  What events  would you  be interested in?   Who would you want to help from this higher state of consciousness?   How could you help them from this position of pure awareness?  Would you want to do everything for that person or mainly support them and help them along so they could learn to believe in themselves?   What world conditions would you want to change?   Stay with this until you feel  that you know what you would do and then slowly return your awareness to your body by wiggling your fingers and toes and then open your eyes.

This exercise will show what is really important to us and what could be our primary goal or goals now.  It can help us identify our passion.   We don't have to wait until we crossover to be a positive influence or make a difference in the  areas that mean so much to us.

Once we decide what is important,  we need to take action immediately, show the universe this is important, keep putting our attention on the things that matter and take action steps so that  life will conspire  to support our endeavors.

If we want to write, we must write.  If we want to play a musical instrument,  we must make efforts to play.   Is there a cause we want to put our attention on?  We must go to the places that people involved in these things would go to, become fully invested  in our  interests.

The pure positive energy, which we simply float in,  much like a fish floats in water, is available to all of us equally but we must decide to use it by continuing to take steps in the direction of  our desires and interests.

After this meditation, write down all that you can remember so you have a record of what is important to you.  These mental ideas vanish quickly, much like a dream, so recording them immediately is important.  I hope many things are revealed to you and that you live your passion each day.

May you feel inspired, motivated, and sure of yourself as you confidently move in the direction of
your desires.
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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Confessions of a Light Worker

Very early in life I knew my purpose was to be a healer. As a very small child I played the role of healer for my cousins, brothers and sisters. I carried around a little plastic toy medical bag, and I would give people red hot candy as a pill and I gave them pretend shots whenever I saw them in pain so I could make them feel better. I had a highly developed empathic sensory system as a child and I was deeply affected by the pain of others.

As an adult, I  practiced nursing in a wide variety of settings. I knew my role was to help soothe, comfort and heal pain in others, regardless of whether it was physical or emotional pain. I spent over 35 years in my profession before I fully understood there was even more I could do to help others and that I could contribute immensely to the relieve of others sufferings even after I retired from the medical profession.

I discovered my true purpose in life when I became aware of why I drew to me many people with emotional, physical, and mental issues. People who were filled with turmoil, who were self-absorbed, armored, prejudiced, angry, or depressed would find their way to me. People would pick me out of a crowd and bring right to my face their personal issues. If someone had something to complain about, it was me who they wanted to unburden themselves on. I could read their energy. I was empathicly aware of what they were feeling physically and emotionally.

For many years I did not understand why I could “feel” their energy or nor did I know what to do with it! I questioned why I was the one they chose to unload on. I thought their behavior was about me somehow. I took it personal. I thought they were showing me their pain because they didn't like me. I thought I must be flawed in some way for these people to keep showing me their pain. Yet, often these people who didn't even know me . I was very confused as to why this happened so frequently and about my value as a person, and about the intelligence and integrity of the people I would meet.

Then, one day, a light came on! Well, it really came on after years of reflection, contemplation, and spiritual study when I realized these people presented themselves and their issues to me in order for me to be a catalyst to help them heal. I was to be a Light Worker in their behalf.

I realized their behavior was not about me at all. People were showing me how much pain they were in and how unaware they were of what they could do to help themselves. I realized there was something I could do to help them and I understood how I could stop hurting myself by believing that something was wrong with me or believing I deserved to feel their pain for some reason.

Since I was unable to change the course of their life or make choices for them I came to understand that all I could do was to pray on their behalf. I could formulate a blessing for them that I could utter into the ether's, a blessing to invite divine quantum energy to work in their behalf. I could create a spiritual mind treatment for them. I knew how to do that and I believed in the effectiveness of spiritual mind treatments for I had studied and applied science of mind techniques in my own life for some time.  I had used the power of belief, faith, and conviction in my life to heal my own issues.

As my life purpose became more clear to me, when the light within my consciousness began to shine brightly, I clearly saw my role as a Light Worker.

I saw that being able to empathicly read others energy and see their energy leaks and blocks was truly a gift. I could use this gift in a meaningful way that would help others.

An empathic sensory system is very powerful and is to be used for the benefit of others and when used properly, it brings tremendous joy to the one who has the ability.

Whenever I “read” someone's energy and feel what they are feeling, I immediately begin using my empathic healing energy skills in a very quiet, unobtrusive way, unnoticed by anyone, to bring them relief. I invite Light, prana, divine healing energy into their energy field. I ask divine intelligence to use me to bring relief from suffering, to bring awareness and enlightenment to the one in pain and I thank the Light for using me as a catalyst. I ask to become the doctor, the medicine, the nurse for their ills.

Using my mental physic energy in this way releases their pain from my energy field and brings to me the peace I desire for them. Using my empathic energy in this way is truly a blessing. I have totally changed the way I interact with reality so that I no longer perceive others pain as a reason for me to be in pain but an opportunity for me to help them find relief. Today, I joyfully accept my mission as a Light Worker and no longer question why some one shows up in my life.

Perhaps you had experiences that caused you to wonder about your true purpose. Perhaps you feel called to be a Light Worker. If so, consider the words of well known author, Dorren Virtue. She provides some insight into the nature of a light Worker.

She said:
“You are a light worker if you:
1. Feel called to heal others.
2. Want to resolve the world's social and environmental problems.
3. Believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation.
4. Had mystical experiences, such as psychic premonitions or angelic encounters.
5. Endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of your Divine perfection.
6. Want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world.
7. Feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel about your healing experiences.
8. Felt a sense of time urgency to fulfill your mission before you even  knew  you were here for a higher purpose, even if you were unsure what that purpose was or how to fulfill it."

It is my pleasure and purpose to serve all those who come into my presence seeking healing, wholeness, and freedom from suffering. Of course,  that is every person I meet! My work is fulfilling, meaningful, never done, and never a burden now that I know the true purpose of my empathic gift.

May all beings be healed.
May all beings be free of suffering.
May all beings be joyful at heart.
May all beings find their way to the light.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Health: Guided Imagery and the Body

Image result for photos of beautiful scenery    As we think,  we cause chemical reactions to occur in the body, a negative thought causes a release of chemicals associated with fear, anger, or sadness and an uplifting thought causes a release of chemicals which create positive sensations like joy, satisfaction, and peace. Thoughts which are repeated over time becomes a belief. Our thoughts and beliefs creates our moods and emotional states.

We contribute to our health and well-being by repeatedly thinking thoughts of well-being and we create pain, upset, and disharmony by repeatedly thinking thoughts about how bad things are, how awful others are,  or how miserable we are.  Our body is aware of every thought we think and our thoughts  powerfully  influence the body's chemical and corresponding emotional state.

As  infants we imitated our care givers and learned our original habits of thought from our parents, teachers, and environment.   Every experience we had caused a deepening of the neuro-circuits in the structure of our brain.  Those circuits begin to operate automatically, without any conscious thought on our part,  in the same way our ability to drive a car or play an instrument becomes an automatic process.

Within the unconscious part of our mind, resides the habitual thought patterns we have accumulated through out our life and these patterns are running our life today, like it or not!

If our unconscious mind could be free of all hatred, anger, dishonesty, violence, sloth, envy, jealousy, and condemnation we would have everything in life we desired. We would be unlimited, undaunted, and unstoppable because we would have only positive thought patterns and we would pursue our desires without fear, resistance, or doubt.

The limiting, self-destructive thoughts are part of the collective consciousness of humanity.  The good news is there are also beliefs of goodness, justice, kindness, peace, generosity, and  cooperation  in the collective consciousness as well.  It is up to us to decide which aspects will operate more noticeably in our day to day activities and we do this by setting our intention, focusing and making conscious choices.

If we can accept ourselves totally and completely, knowing these negative aspects are a part of us,  we are in a better position to have greater conscious choice over which ones  run automatically.   Our work isn't to despise our self  or others for having and acting on negative thoughts.  We are part of the collective consciousness and  we can not help that.   Our work is to love and accept our self and others while we do our best to function within the boundaries of our humanness.

We live in a  dualistic, material world which has built in contrasting forces. In the physical world we have strong/weak, hot/cold, light/dark, and in our consciousness we have  love/hate, joy/sadness, and so on. These contrasting forces exist in every person. It makes no sense, in fact it weakens us to want it to be different.  It is just the way things are!

By the thoughts we allow ourselves to focus on, the words we speak and the action we take, we are deciding which force will dominate our life.  An ancient story depicts this: A man explained to his son that a white wolf and black wolf  fights  inside of him.  The boy asks which wolf survives and the father says the "one you feed!"

We have the ability to affect our health and well-being by taking more conscious control of our thoughts. We can train our thoughts to love and accept what is and we can  train our thoughts to love and respect our bodies more.   By doing this, we can  improve the bodies performance and health.

Our imagination, our emotions, our habitual thoughts are affecting the state of health in our body all the time. Every cell in the body responds with a chemical reaction to our emotional state.   Emotions become chemicals (see the book, "Molecules of Emotion;" by  Candace Pert).  Therefore, deliberating focusing our thoughts and using our imagination to direct them, will have a powerful effect on the body.

We know the imagination affects the body very strongly because when we imagine tasting the juice of a lemon our jaws tighten and we salivate and if we image our self in a particularly stimulating sexual act, our body will react.  The body is stimulated by thoughts and  imagery and it cannot tell the difference between a real and imagined event.

Using the mind as a tool for healing is practical, effective and very cost effective. I believe in and practice regularly, a method of self-healing that works for me.  I enter into a quiet, peaceful state of relaxation or meditation and direct my thoughts to each part of my body in a loving, appreciative way. The more often this kind of practice is repeated the more profound the effect.

After about 10 minutes of focusing my attention on my breathing in order to quiet my body,  I  imagine I am inside my body and I begin to speak to it:

Image result for photos of beautiful scenery"I love and appreciate my eyes for allowing me to see all the beauty there is in this world, the colors, the textures, the patterns of everything fascinates and delights me.

My ears and the structures associated with hearing allows me to listen to music, to the voice of those I love, to birds, waterfalls, fire crackling and this delights and enlivens me.  I love and appreciate my brain, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. I love learning, calculating, analyzing, sorting, and labeling which the left brain allows me to do and I love the peacefulness, the all inclusiveness, the artistic, poetic, musical, imaginative right brain.   I respect the functions of both sides of my brain and I am grateful for all they allow me to do.

I love and appreciate my amygdala,( the structure that is responsible for fight or flight response).  It takes good care of me whenever I need it.  I give it permission to relax and takes it's rest for I am safe, secure and well-being abounds for me.  I gently massage it and  place soft, fluffy, cottony clouds around it so it can relax and only activate when there is a real threat.  I am so grateful for the way my body supports me.

I love and appreciate my thyroid which sits on my windpipe, shaped like a butterfly, reminding me that metamorphosis is natural and possible, that I can transform any seeming bad condition to a better one.   I see it pollinating the environment of my body with the substance every cell in my body needs for balance and harmony.

I love and appreciate my lungs as they expand and constrict.  They remind me of the natural rhythm of life, the in and out flow of air, of  the tides, the receiving and giving, the give and take that must take place in all interactions. My breath is my connection to life force, my connection to others.  As they breathe out molecules, I breathe them in.  Nature sends out oxygen and  I breathe it in and  I send out carbon dioxide and nature takes it in.  We are one in this energy soup of life.  Dependent upon each other.  Supporting each other.  I am so grateful life supports me in this way.

 I love and appreciate my heart.  As blood comes from the lungs in to the top, right chamber of my heart I am aware of the natural rhythm of contraction and relaxation.  Two opposing forces that must be in order for life to exist on the material plane.  The four chambers of the heart filling and emptying, receiving and giving, expanding and contracting,  pumping about 2,000 gallons of blood a day.  Pushing the blood out into the many blood vessels where it nourishes and cleanses trillions of cells.  I feel tremendous gratitude for its nonstop rhythm.  I imagine radiating the energy of love to my heart and I say thank you."

I continue through out my body,  focusing my attention on each organ, acknowledging what it does for me, and I radiate love to it and thank it.  At times I notice a response from a body part.  I have felt my pancreas shudder, my pelvic bones vibrate, my lungs more fully expand.  These responses have been the stimulus for me to continue my love and appreciation meditations.  I love experiencing the feeling that I am communicating directly with my cells.

Many people have used visualization and guided imagery as a tool for improving the health the body. It is an ancient technique, , used by Shamans and modern day healers.    I know of  many stories of cancer patients using visualization to help their bodies rid themselves of cancer.

Our  mind, our imagination, our beliefs and our emotions are the most powerful aspects we have and we can use them to improve any condition.  We can create a placebo effect with our imagination.  The body  responds to beliefs and beliefs can bring about spontaneous healing of  even the most threatening types of disease.

My very first experiment with visualization and healing was many years ago when I had a plantars wart.  I began to imagine it gone while I bathed every night and in a short period of time it was!  My interest in self-healing techniques grew from that experience.

A neurosurgeon I once worked with told me about a patient he had who had a brain tumor and wanted to use visualization to treat the tumor.  She began to visualize a white light entering into her skull and removing the tumor.  Unfortunately for the patient, the tumor continued to grow and surgery had to begin.  The surgeon described how moved and surprised he was when he shaved her head prior to surgery and found a white spot on her skull in the area where the tumor was located.  He admitted he wondered how much she could have achieved in her self-healing technique if there had been more time for her to practice it.

We our much more powerful than we know and allow ourselves to be.  Our mind, attitude, emotions are the best tools we have available to promote health within our bodies.  I hope you will investigate the idea further for it has been powerful for many.

If you would like more information or help developing a personal guided meditation,please click on the Contact Me button located on the right side of your screen.

Health and well-being are our greatest assets.  May you enjoy yours to the fullest.

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