Thursday, July 31, 2014

Using Joy to Deflect Fear

This spring I faced a very stressful situation and used joy to deflect my fears and anxiety.

The radiologist told me there was a suspicious area on my screening mammogram.  Well, this was not news I wanted to receive!  To make matters worse,  I was told it would be two weeks before I could get a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound in order to have a more definitive view of the area.

I wondered how I would get through the next two weeks with out stressing myself out knowing I could potentially be told I had breast cancer.  I didn't like having to wait this long but I did like having time to work with my mind and emotions while I waited for the final diagnosis.  I wanted to create a state within myself that could accept whatever life handed to me without being overwhelmed with fear and I wanted to be free of anxiety and worry while I waited for the upcoming tests.

During this same time period,  I was in the process of learning several songs which I would be singing with the choir I was part of  and I decided I would use this  to create more joy  in me and deflect anxiety and worry. Nothing brings me more joy than singing with the choir so it was the perfect choice for me.

All my spare time was used to practice the songs we were working on.  One piece I was working on was a song  I wrote and our music director had invited me to sing it during our Sunday church service and one piece was one I would be singing with two other women at an annual talent show.  

All this could not have happened at a more perfect time.  My mind could stay focused on the things I loved and my time would not be spent in worry.  I spent the entire two weeks singing as often as I could and I allowed joy to fully awaken  in me and with mindfulness I sent this this joy into every cell of my body, affirming I was whole and well.

The morning I went for the diagnostic studies I took all my music with me because I knew I would have time to work on it while I waited.  I wanted to keep my mind focused and keep my joyful state active.   I sang my heart out as I sat in the tiny room waiting for the doctor to come and tell me her findings.   I had pre-paved my calmness during this day by cultivating a state of joy during the previous two weeks. Not once did I give into fear!

When the doctor and the tech entered the room they both had very solemn expressions on their faces and I thought to myself,  " they really should have more positive expressions when they deliver good news to people."  I had convinced myself it would be good news and their sour expressions did not phase me!  And it was good news! There was no indication of cancer!

Surely, they thought it strange when they walked into the room and saw this woman, who was waiting for a possibly very serious diagnosis to be delivered,  sitting there beaming with joy.  Believe me when I tell you I was beaming!  Not only was singing keeping me in a joyful state but a friend  surprised me and showed up to be with me during this time.  I could not have been happier.  I could feel my joy radiating out into the room. They must have felt it too.

Did my refusal to give in to worry and fear affect my outcome?  I believe it did.  I believe I could have made myself ill, even create cancer,  during those two weeks by worrying and living in fear every moment. Our minds and emotional states creates the medium the cells of our body reside in and those states promote either illness or health.

I am very grateful for the outcome I had and grateful for the knowledge I have of the power of the minds affect on the body.  

May all be well and at peace.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recipe For Releasing Emotional States

Here is a recipe you are sure to benefit from:  "Recipe for Releasing Emotional States From Subconscious Mind".

Sometimes we get stuck in a painful emotional pattern  when painful memories are activated in the mind by circumstances that remind us of some past event.  These unpleasant emotional events are sometimes hard to shack without some prodding on our part.  Here is a method for releasing the emotional charge and finding some relieve.   If you give it a try, I would love feedback on your results.

1.  Affirm the  presence of  Love, of God,  Divine love, or Wisdom  (whatever works for you)  3 times.

2. Affirm memories are powerless to disturb you because of this Divine Presence.

3. Declare aloud:  I know release the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes that are causing ________________________.  Tell your subconscious to revel the the memories causing this attitude.

4. Write on a sheet of paper:   I now release these error thoughts,  I let them go;  and I allow them to be dissolved for all time and  in all directions.

5. Sit quietly for a short time and then write down short phrases of the  thoughts, feelings, and attitudes attached to the memories.  Do not write facts, write your feelings and do not reread.  Cover each phrase you write with a clean sheet of paper so you don't reread.

6. When no more memories come,  tear the paper to shreds while repeating:  I now release these errors; I loose them; I let them go ; and I let the dissolve into nothingness, for all time and  in all directions.

7. Now burn the paper in a suitable receptacle.  Watch the flames while declaring aloud:  These error thoughts are now consumed by  Love, by God,  by Wisdom, etc, . The energy is released to be reused in a new and better form NOW.  Repeat the statement as long as the burning continues.

8.When reduced to ashes say a prayer of thanksgiving for your freedom from the errors of the past .  Thank you, God, Divine One, Subconscious mind, (whatever works for you)  for my freedom from the mistakes of the past and the results of the mistakes of the past.

9. Make an affirmation that  claims your good:  I now attract and enjoy ________________.

10. When any thoughts about this reoccur state:  I have no more need for that thought.  I  deactivate it and release the energy NOW.

11.Replace the dismissed thought with a positive statement :  I am poised and centered in peace, love, forgiveness, security, strength, beauty, success,  etc.    My soul is undisturbed by anyone or any circumstance, past or present.

12.  If the mental pattern continues, repeat burning process.  Some emotional states may require 3 burnings.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How Meditation Changes the Brain

The information about meditation is  from a recent email I received from Luminosity.  I practice meditation because of the known benefits and recommend it to anyone who seeks greater peace, insight, health, and well-being.   I also recommend the  brain training exercises at Luminosity.  If you have not tried them, go to and sign up for their free training.   It is great fun and helps improve your memory.

For more information on meditation and its benefits,  I recommend the following books:
Super Brain - Chopra and Tanzi
The Mindfulness Solution - Siegel                            
Real Happiness - Salsberg
How to Meditate - Chodron
Meditation for Beginners - Kornfield     


"A new study out of Brown University has found that a form of mindfulness meditation known as MBSR may act as a "volume knob" for attention, changing brain wave patterns.
What is MBSR?
Originally developed by a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) is based on mindfulness meditation techniques that have been practiced in some form or another for over two millennia. The 8-week MBSR program still follows some of the same principles of the original Buddhist practice, training followers to focus a "spotlight of attention" on different parts of their body. Eventually, it is hoped, practitioners learn to develop the same awareness of their mental states.

In the last 20 years, MBSR and a similar practice called mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) have been included in an increasing number of healthcare plans in the developed world. Some studies have shown that these practices can reduce distress in individuals with chronic pain and decrease risk of relapses into depression.

In this study, Brown University researchers wanted to investigate whether MBSR could have a broader application beyond the clinical realm. Could MBSR impact the alpha brain waves that help filter and organize sensory inputs, improving attentional control?
Study design
Researchers divided the study’s 12 healthy adult participants into two groups: a test group that underwent MBSR training for 8 weeks, and a control group that did not. After 8 weeks, a brain imaging technique known as magnetoencephalography (MEG) was used to measure alpha wave patterns in participants.

While hooked up to the brain scanning equipment, participants felt taps on their hands and feet at random intervals. On average, those who trained with MBSR demonstrated faster and greater alpha wave changes in response to these taps. These alpha wave surges indicated that participants were better able to quickly focus attention on the relevant body parts.
How alpha waves affect cognition
Alpha rhythms help filter irrelevant sensory inputs in the brain. Without proper filtering, the ability to carry out many basic cognitive operations can be crippled.

Imagine the simple task of backing a car out of the driveway. In order to reach the street safely, you must hold your destination in mind while steering and ignoring distractions from every modality: news on the radio, children playing at the end of the block, an itch on your foot, the glare of the sun in your eyes. Most people filter out these distractions subconsciously — but should irrelevant stimuli distract you, backing out can become a difficult ordeal.

This Brown University study is in line with other research on meditation, confirming previous findings that link enhanced attentional performance and fewer errors in tests of visual attention with meditation. While it’s still too early to declare meditation a cure-all for everything from attentional control to chronic pain, it’ll be fascinating to see what future research uncovers about this millennia-old tradition’s impact on the brain.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dealing with Addiction

Drug Abuse is a nationwise social problem Stock Photo

Using alcohol and drugs to alter the state of your consciousness is a slippery slop that few can escape without leaving scars within and without.

It may start out as innocent fun but if engaged in long enough it becomes a habit and you permanently change the wiring of your brain. This rewiring leads to the destruction of the things most of us hold dear;  health, relationships, finances, jobs, spirituality, and self-respect.  Once the brain is wired for addiction, you put “it” before everyone and everything else and the parts of the brain that have to do with relationships, memory and decision making actually shrink. 

You are more at risk for addiction if you have a family history of addiction, suffered abuse, neglect or were traumatized as a child and if you began using at a young age or administered the drug by smoking  or injecting.  

Brain on Drugs Royalty Free Stock ImagesHaving grown up surrounded by the disease of alcoholism, I can tell you first hand that it leads to abandonment, betrayal, sexual deviance, relationship crimes, dependency, spiritual bankruptcy, self-hatred, anxiety and panic, dishonesty, personality disorders, distortions of reality, divorce, isolation, shame, and physical disease.

For a fuller discussion of addition please click on the link below. 


Drug Free Zone Stock Photo

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Improve Your Mood? Naturally!

Below is an exert from Dr. Mercola's recent newsletter regarding the use of antidepressants and what you can do naturally to improve your mood.   The information if valuable so I am sharing it with you.  Please check out the entire article.  The link for the article is at the body of this page.

  • Dramatically decrease your consumption of refined sugar (particularly fructose), grains, and processed foods. (In addition to being high in sugar and grains, processed foods also contain a variety of additives that can affect your brain function and mental state, especially MSG, and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.)  There's a great book on this subject, The Sugar Blues, written by William Dufty more than 30 years ago, that delves into the topic of sugar and mental health in great detail.
  • Increase consumption of probiotic foods, such as fermented vegetables and kefir, to promote healthy gut flora. Mounting evidence tells us that having a healthy gut is profoundly important for both physical and mental health, and the latter can be severely impacted by an imbalance of intestinal bacteria.
  • Get adequate vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency can contribute to depression and affects one in four people.
  • Optimize your vitamin D levels, ideally through regular sun exposure. Vitamin D is very important for your mood. In one study, people with the lowest levels of vitamin D were found to be 11 times more prone to be depressed than those who had normal levels.18

    The best way to get vitamin D is through exposure to SUNSHINE, not swallowing a tablet. Remember, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a type of depression that we know is related to sunshine deficiency, so it would make sense that the perfect way to optimize your vitamin D is through sun exposure, or a safe tanning bed if you don't have regular access to the sun.
  • Get plenty of animal-based omega-3 fats. Many people don't realize that their brain is 60 percent fat, but not just any fat. It is DHA, an animal based omega-3 fat which, along with EPA, is crucial for good brain function and mental health.19Unfortunately, most people don't get enough from diet alone. Make sure you take a high-quality omega-3 fat, such as krill oil.

    Dr. Stoll, a Harvard psychiatrist, was one of the early leaders in compiling the evidence supporting the use of animal based omega-3 fats for the treatment of depression. He wrote an excellent book that details his experience in this area called The Omega-3 Connection.
  • Evaluate your salt intake. Sodium deficiency actually creates symptoms that are very much like those of depression. Make sure you do NOT use processed salt (regular table salt), however. You'll want to use an all-natural, unprocessed salt like Himalayan salt, which contains more than 80 different micronutrients.
  • Get adequate daily exercise, which is one of the most effective strategies for preventing and overcoming depression. Studies on exercise as a treatment for depression have shown there is a strong correlation between improved mood and aerobic capacity. So there’s a growing acceptance that the mind-body connection is very real, and that maintaining good physical health can significantly lower your risk of developing depression in the first place.
  • Get adequate amounts of sleep. You can have the best diet and exercise program possible, but if you aren't sleeping well you can easily become depressed. Sleep and depression are so intimately linked that a sleep disorder is actually part of the definition of the symptom complex that gives the label depression.

To see the entire article please copy and paste this link into your browser.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Kitchen Tips Ever

Want to reduce your household expenses, avoid the use of toxic substances and reduce waste at the landfill?

I am not a big fan of giving  money to Proctor and Gamble ( any other similar manufactures for that matter) and prefer to use more natural products on my body and in my home.

If you look under your sinks and count the number of containers of cleaning supplies and multiple that number by 4 (the average cost these days is about  $3.00 - $4.00 per container)  you will have an idea of how much you spend on supplies for your home and personal use items.   You can eliminate the expense and the clutter by using more natural and inexpensive supplies which you may already  have in your home.

Please see the suggestions below and decide which ones you can incorporate  into your life.

Flour and corn meal:  prevent bugs by freezing  new bags for 48 hours before placing them in the cabinet

Lemons.and limes:   freeze whole after washing well, to use grate while still frozen and add them to recipes (makes delicious salad dressings and sauces)

Bananas:  wrap in foil and freeze after starting to turn brown and use in smoothies, snacks, and baking after slightly thawing.

Coffee:  freeze left over coffee in an ice tray to make iced coffee and coffee flavored shakes

Chicken broth:  freeze broth in an ice tray, after frozen store in plastic bags and use cubes as needed
                        vegetables cooked in chicken broth decreases the need for salt and fats for great flavor

Coconut milk:   freeze in an ice tray, after frozen store in plastic bags and use cubes as needed.

Fresh Herbs:  chop and place in ice tray, cover with water or olive oil, after frozen store in freezer, add to recipes as needed

Cleaning fruits and vegetables:  soak in mixture of white vinegar and water before use

Personal Use
Tea bags:  freeze used tea bags and  place on eyes for 10-15 minutes to reduce puffiness and dark circles

Fingernails:  harden nails by adding fresh crushed garlic to clear nail polish.  Let stand for a week and use often.  It takes several minutes after polishing for the garlic smell to subside.

Smooth skin:  apply olive oil and leave on for 20 minutes before washing away
                      apply virgin coconut oil to skin after cleansing and
                      exfoliate skin on the face with baking soda combined with lotion, water, coconut oil or soap        
                      use coconut oil to remove eye makeup
                      use coconut oil as facial moisturizer
                      use coconut oil as soap

Hand Scrub:  mix olive oil with course salt, gently scrub and rinse

Body Scrub:  mix yellow corn meal with body lotion, gentle scrub  entire body while in the shower and then wash

Clean teeth and gums:  brush teeth and then swish 1 tsp coconut oil around teeth and gums for 20 minutes (oil pulling) and spit.

Toothpaste:  combine baking soda, salt, coconut oil and a drop of peppermint, brush as usual

Deodorant:  apply baking soda to underarms with a cotton ball, sprinkle baking soda in shoes, garbage cans, etc.

Glass top stove:  clean with baking soda and water paste after each use, buff glass for shine,  keep a scrapper handy to scrap away spills after each use.

Garbage disposal:  add baking soda and white  vinegar for a deodorizing clean  or use lemon juice and baking soda.

Marble: clean with lemon juice and baking soda

Stainless steel counter tops:  clean with baking soda and lemon juice

Stuck on food in stainless steel pans:  boil water in pan until stuck on food comes off easily or sprinkle stuck on food with baking soda and let sit until ready to clean

Clean hardwood, wood laminate, tile floors:  mix  white vinegar and water,  1/2 cup vinegar to a gallon of warm water

Stainless steel appliances:  wipe with coconut oil applied to a soft cloth to remove prints and streaks

Windows: clean with vinegar and water or make your own all purpose cleaner:
                 1 cup ammonia (purchase at a Dollar Store)
                 1 pint alcohol
                 1/2 teaspoon dish washing liquid
                 1 gallon of water (use hot water for really greasy, soiled areas)

Fabric softener:  add 3/4 cup baking soda to rinse cycle

Stain remover:  combine baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide and apply to stains

Send me your favorites, I would love to know what they are.

Be well!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good Health - What You Need to Know!

Female physician Royalty Free Stock Images                                                                                                                 

Recently I attended a presentation by a Board Certified Internal Medicine, Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine physician.  I will share with you the information I took away from the program.  Nothing new  was presented, that is if you keep up with the information coming forth from nutrition and alternative medicine, but if you don't,
you might find the information new and  informative.

This  physician would be considered a maverick by mainstream medicine because she  (yes, the doctor was female) provides the ultimate form of preventative healthcare through nutrition testing and counseling, detoxification programs, weight loss programs, bio-identical hormone replacement, and nutraceuticals.

Traditional doctors focus on treating diseases after they occur and use  man-made pharmaceuticals  and surgical procedures to treat disease, a  totally different approach than  Functional Medicine.

The physician stated that 95% of US health care dollars is spent on  treating diseases and 5% on preventing them and that the US is rated number 17 in the list of countries whose citizens have the best health.

The goal of Functional Medicine is to detect abnormalities early in order to prevent disease, balance hormones, make nutrition the foundation for health, and achieve optimal lab values rather the just normal values.

Milk was identified as the worst food for the body in terms of weight, cancer, allergies, calcium,  and acidity.  The calcium in dairy is hard for the body to absorb.  If it stays in the blood stream it contributes to the build                                
Funny cow Stock Photos

up of plaque and leads to cardiovascular disease.

The doctor had a lot to say about calcium and her recommendations are:
Achieve optimal vitamin D levels.
Perform resistance training, walking is not enough.
Consider hormone replacement with bio-identical hormones.
Don't take calcium with fiber because it prevents absorption.
Do not use  Tums as a source of calcium because it neutralizes the acid needed to absorb the calcium
The best  calcium  supplement is calcium citrate.
Consume 1200 grams per day from food and supplement.
Don't use over the counter supplements (pharmaceutical grade supplements are only available from a  licensed health care provider )
Consume plants that provide calcium:  kale, collard greens, broccoli, seeds, almonds,
Almond milk is less acidic, the calcium is better absorbed,  and is preferred over rice milk.
Take calcium with Vitamin K because it prevents the calcium from ending up in your arteries ( the primary source of vitamin K is green leafy vegetables).
Stop excess alcohol, smoking, and caffeine.

If you do not take in enough calcium it will be  leached from the bones in order to keep the body alkaline.  Not a good thing for the bones.    Also, the casein (milk protein) in dairy products is associated with  tumors in rats.   The results of  The China Study  (released in 2006),  lead the researchers  to conclude that any type of animal protein could promote cancer but plant protein did not.   A plant based diet is recommended for optimal health.  Animal proteins can promote cancer and keep the body's ph too acidic and diseases thrive in an acidic environment.  Plants are alkaline and  contribute to a healthy internal environment.

The doctor was emphatically against the use of  biophosphonates ( Fosamax, Boniva)  for the treatment of osteoporosis because they are associated with increased risk for fractures of the femur and jaw bone with tooth extractions.   She stated Forteo is associated with an increased risk of osteo-sarcoma and decreased parathyroid function.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
The doctor promoted hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with bio-identical hormones.   Balanced levels of estrogen, progesterone,  and testosterone are necessary for optimal health. An imbalance will cause weight gain and cognitive decline.   As we age all hormones decrease,  except cortisol and insulin which increases.  Increased levels of these hormones contribute to the development of many chronic diseases.

The doctor's Golden Rules for HRT  are:
Never take oral estrogen (increases risk of breast and uterine cancer, blood clots and stroke) Use topical.
Never take without also taking progesterone.
Never use with birth control pills.
Test levels of hormones with saliva, not serum.
Proper nutrition activates the bodies hormones.

Hormone replacement therapy may not be working if the body is toxic.   The body accumulates toxins, like heavy metals,  through  cleaning products, plastic, nonstick cookware,  etc.  Many of the lotions and potions we use contain chemicals that mimic bad estrogen (estrone) when absorbed into the body.  Increased estrone levels are believed to be the cancer promoting componenst of estrogen (remember Premarin- pregnant mare urine? Not anything like a woman's hormones.)

Another hormone, Progesterone, builds bone, decreases blood pressure and stimulates scalp hair growth. Testosterone another hormone that  needs to be balanced with estrogen, maintains muscles, promotes bone health, and  healthy sex drive.  It may also help prevent cardiovascular disease and inhibit breast cancer.

Insulin and Cortisol 

Elevated insulin and cortisol (the stress hormone)  levels cause a break down in the bodies ability to function at an optimal level.   An imbalance in these hormones leads to obesity, diabetes,  heart disease, premature aging, high blood pressure, inflammatory response, and  poor immune function.

The doctor recommends blood glucose levels be assessed using the A1C Hemoglobin test rather than the  fasting glucose level which is most often used.  The A1C test shows blood sugar levels over a 3 month period where as the fasting glucose only tells you what the blood sugar level is at the moment your blood is drawn.

Glycemic Index
Avoid blood sugar spikes. For better control of blood sugar levels, combine carbohydrates with a protein and fat to slow the absorption and prevent sudden increases, followed by severe dips in the blood sugar level.

The China Study showed a correlation between animal protein and cancer.  Choose plant proteins like hemp, which is as near a complete a protein as you will find.  Combine rice and pea proteins to obtain a  complete protein and avoid whey protein.  Also, the kidneys tolerate a plant  proteins better than animal protein.

Testing that is commonly performed to determine wheat allergy does not adequately  assess for sensitivity because the test only looks at a small number of wheat proteins.  The doctor recommends a more expanded panel to accurately assess.  If you have any autoimmune diseases, thyroid, arthritis, hepatits, inflammatory bowel disease, the doctor recommends avoiding gluten.

Healthy Choices
Make vegetables 50% of your diet.
Consume plant based proteins
Avoid whey protein, use hemp, rice or pea protein for shakes.
No soda.
Use organic foods when possible.
Avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Avoid corn, wheat, soy, sugar.
Use healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil.
Use pharmaceutical grade supplements, not over the counter.
Drink water that is purified by reverse osmosis.
Consume only two fruits a day if weight is a problem.
Avoid nonstick cookware.  Use stainless steel or cast iron.
Get proper amount of sleep (weight gain is associated with insufficient sleep)

Well, that is it.  I hope you find something useful here.  By the way, this is  informational  only and is not to be considered  medical advice.  Always talk to a health care professional about what is right for you.

Good health to you!